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The MS2500E is a microprocessor controlled transmitter that features transmission through a 4- 20 mA current loop. The unit is designed to provide a direct linear measurement of corrosion occurring at a specific location.


The MS2500E is encased in a UL-approved explosion and weather proof NEMA enclosure. Operating temperatures range from 0 o F to 140 o F. The unit provides excellent results with all electrical resistance probes, especially the wire and tube loop types. The instrument is supplied with a 5-foot instrument-to-probe extension cable with connector.


Information can be transmitted to the ms2510 Receiver or a customer-supplied data receiver via a 4 - 20 mA current loop. The 4 -20 mA signal range permits the unit to be used with a variety of receivers with minimal programming required by the user.



Corrosion rate measurements are made with the electrical resistance method. The electrical resistance method has a wide range of applications since it can be used in conductive or non-conductive environments including oil and gas. The unit measures the change in resistance of the probe element as metal loss occurs. The rate of change is directly proportional to the corrosion rate.

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